Good to Go Pile . . .

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Charts, Lifestyle, Psychology, Real Estate, Sports, Stocks, Technical Analysis

Have a great weekend. Go Wings, take it to the Ducks!!!

Race Card for Personal Gain

Money Never Sleeps

15 reasons stocks should be falling

It’s the weather for retail, I don’t buy it, never do. If its bad weather people should be loading em up.

Laura Bush Reading to the kids

Record Vix Futures Trading yesterday . . . hmm, I am long Volatility still in here. Broken Record I know.

Top 5 Reasons to Close a Trade

Doubt, Fear, Hope, Despair, never a good train of thought for a trader

Golf and Trading

Germans saying terrorist threat high on Americans in Germany

Begin the Begin
, as Michael Stipe sings

Interactive Inventory Chart for 18 housing regions

I could get mega bullish if Ron Paul Takes off and is elected President

Laid Back Labor

First John Edwards now, Bill Clinton for good causes.

Continuing Valid Fundamental points for a Bad Fed, but the market doesn’t care.

When Greed is Bad

Tramp Stamps
reaching the irony stage of their existance.

Historic Foreclosures in San Diego, leading the market?

NAR doesn’t want you to watch 60 minutes


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