Good to Go Pile . . .

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Charts, Forex, Futures, Psychology, Real Estate, Sports, Stocks, Technical Analysis, Trading

Even FX traders are going mad withlow Volatility

The Homebuilding/ Stock Price Relation, from Victor Niederhoffer

Would you buy this chart? I would and have, long volatility.

Man vs. Nature

Cannonball record from NYC to LA broken?

Interview with the Coach.

Tom Watson, Where are you?

Animal House meets the Empty Nest

Scariest Job in the world, Wow

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

More on Cheney and Abdullah here.

Foreclosures up 62%
now I see why bubble tv calls for stablization of housing, its all very clear to me.

San Diego Banks flood market with houses for sale

Lower inflation
is it good enough?


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