Posted: November 14, 2007 in Charts, Fib Projections, Forex, Futures, Psychology, Stocks, Technical Analysis, Trading

We had PPI and Retail numbers @ 5:30 the market loved em and we did another short squeeze up to 1497 on the ES. Market in full on rally mode as Bernake does his Transparency speech here into the open. How Quaint. You really can’t make up this stuff. Well you can and that’s an entirely other story with a book to be written on it by someone more lofty than my simple mind can hang around.
Let’s see how the market digests all this data as we come into friday of expiration week, remember the move early in the week is usually reversed the post expiration, however we do have the Turkey holiday next week which is generally bullish, so put it all in the pipe and smoke it hard.

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