Good to Go Pile . . .

Posted: December 4, 2007 in Charts, Forex, Futures, Lifestyle, Music, Psychology, Real Estate, Sports, Stocks, Technical Analysis, Trading

The Forms

Paulson “aggressively pursuing” Loan Modification Plan

Break The Ice – 10 Creative Questions To Get Them Talking

Recession Hits U.S. Profits; Economy Might Be Next

“The Bank (of England) Look Like Fools”

Paulson Top HF Earner

Montana, Connecticut: SIV Bagholders



Hope Now Alliance: Not to be confused with Apocalypse Now Mortgages.

Petty, Heartbreakers To Rock Super Bowl Halftime

New York Hedge Fund Bets On Crises


Getting to Yes

For the National Museum of American History

Society and Trading

Transit Map of the World’s Transit Systems

The Active Indexer: Defense Pays!

No Second Troy

Shadow of Doubt

Facebook Nabs $60 Million Investment from Li Ka-shing

Bull vs Bear vs ‘Right’ Part 2: Risk Management

Angelo Mozilo is a moron

Lip Service

A Lurid Aftermath to a Hedge Fund Manager’s Fast Life

Fixin’ Like Nixon

Ohio State Knows They Aren’t Liked

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