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I had the chance to sit down with world class guy Stephen Weiss to talk about his book, Billion Dollar Mistake. I think we all learn most from our mistakes. That is something that the FED and those in favor of Big Govie  seem to have forgotton.  It is the tumbling and picking yourself up and scraping of the dirt and scares that breeds our ultimate success. Mr. Weiss has detailed some fantastic stories of those that have done just this. Thanks Stephen for your time!

After graduating from St. John’s University School of Law, Stephen Weiss spent two years as a tax attorney and two subsequent years in the entertainment management business. He then embarked upon a 23 year career on Wall Street where he has worked for some of the industry’s most prestigious firms. Mr. Weiss began his financial career as an Institutional Equity Salesperson at Oppenheimer & Co., responsible for developing and communicating investment ideas to some of the world’s most successful investment managers. While working in the same capacity at Salomon Brothers, he was called upon to co-manage the firm’s 500 person Global Research Department, a role that also required him to become the primary media spokesperson for the Equity Division, appearing in print and on various business broadcasts including CNBC and Fox Business News. The author then moved to S.A.C. Capital, co-managing the firm for legendary investor Steven Cohen. After S.A.C., Mr. Weiss joined Lehman Brothers in senior management, helping to restore the once prominent Equity business to the pinnacle of the industry. After surviving the September 11th attacks while working at the World Financial Center, and avoiding the fate of others on Flight 93 (He was booked on the flight but changed his travel plans at the last minute.), Mr. Weiss retired to spend more time with his wife and two daughters and to write. Missing the day-to-day excitement of the investment business he co-founded a hedge fund. He is currently a private investor, public speaker and working on his second investment book and first novel. The author continues to be a very active investor. He lives in Short Hills, New Jersey, with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.