TRADEOFFS “The Book” Trader Talk with MissTrade (Matt Davio Interviews)

Most of us will never get the shot at trading on a real Trading Desk. Although, I have had that opportunity, the reason I started this blog, was to first and foremost share and teach others the more difficult lessons. So we are beginning a video interview series of young, old, and weathered traders of all shapes, walks, and colors, if you would like to participate, just drop me a line @

Why Traders Fail (And How To Overcome) @MissTrade

James Koutoulas @jamesKoutoulas Talks MF Global, Jon Corzine, Risk, Future of Futures @MissTrade

Introduction to Futures with Instructor Matt Davio @MissTrade May 24 2011

@scopelabs and @misstrade talk Vix Futures, Summer Duldrums, Market Cycles, and Knife Throwing

Tapas, Feta, Guiness, and Maria B Served over Volatility @scopelabs and @misstrade

Carley Garner @carleygarner and Matt Davio @misstrade Currency Trading, futures or forex

Make Money Trading, Right or Wrong don’t matter, Ego Free @scopelabs @misstrade Why 90% lose

David Wolman of @Wired @davidwolman “The End of Money” interview with Matt Davio @misstrade

The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies, Dreamers–and the Coming Cashless Society

Market Mind Games with Denise Shull @denisekshull and Matt Davio @misstrade, A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading, & Risk

Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk

Martin Armstong @TWMAA314 “The Forecaster” with Matt Davio @misstrade Detroit, Soverign Debt

Mark Garbin @coherentcapital Talking Options Liquidity with Matt Davio @misstrade

Matt Davio @misstrade and Greg Simmons @scopelabs EErie Trading Correlations 2012

@harmongreg talks 12% equity move, commodities, metals, crude and More with Matt Davio

Michael Martin @Martin_Kronicle Talks “The Inner Voice of Trading” with Matt Davio @misstrade

Steve Burns @SJosephBurns author of New Trader, Rich Trader talks Psychology, Risk, Trading Plans, Man in Mirror with Matt Davio @misstrade

@shorecap Mark Shore discusses CTA’s , Futures, Skew, Drawdowns, Mgd Futures @misstrade

Victor Zubarev @victorzubarev of PNW Capital discusses CTA and TH Murrey Math with Matt Davio @misstrade part 1

Victor Zubarev @victorzubarev of PNW Capital discusses CTA and TH Murrey Math with Matt Davio @misstrade part 2

Dan Prescher @danILprescher of International Living Living Aborad with Matt Davio @misstrade

@DarinNewsom discusses Ag markets, growing Volatility, and Risk Mgmt with Matt Davio @misstrade

Darin Newsom is Senior Analyst from DTN out of Omaha.

Jack Barnes @jackhbarnes talks Macro Contrarian Investing with Matt Davio @misstrade

Jack Barnes of and and I had a chance to sit down as two former Hedge Fund Macro Traders both based out of Oregon. Jack’s on the Gold Coast, I’m in the Desert, but we found out we have a lot in common. Great discussion on Debt Ceiling, Downgrading of US Bonds and general Trade ideas. Enjoy

@paper_barrel Jed Counihan talks Energy Risk Mgmt with Matt Davio @misstrade

@Agridome Philip Shaw on agriculture, food, commodities, the #USD and King #Corn w Matt Davio @misstrade

@MarkMelin Talks Managed Futures, Volatility, CTA’s, Drawdowns, Reward with Matt Davio

Pair Trading into Long Holiday Weekend @harmongreg @misstrade

Todd Miller is the founder and managing principal of Availeth Capital.

Gregory W. Harmon, CMT, CFA, founded Dragonfly Capital Management, LLC to provide daily technical analysis of securities markets and consulting services to the marketplace. Prior to that he had worked in the Securities markets since 1986. He has held senior positions including Head of Global Trading, Head of Product Development, Head of Strategy and Director of Equity and Portfolio Swaps Trading at Chase Manhattan, State Street Corporation and BNP Paribas.

Jonathan Eliasof @jeliasof of Talks CTA, Forex, and Commodities with @misstrade 6-1-2011

Erika Olson @erikaolson Zero Sum Game @zsgame with Matt Davio @misstrade

@rossgreenspan Making a Business Plan before you Begin Trading as a Business with @misstrade Matt Davio

Mike Wilkins @ilkandcookies Floor Trading to the Upstairs Life with Matt Davio @misstrade

A fine book about the rise of the Chicago Futures Markets that Forbes Author, Emily Lambert put out recently. I had the chance to sit down with the author for a candid interview about the book “The Futures”

Dave @traderMD talks Sex, Risk, Football, and Psychiatry in Trading with Matt Davio @misstrade

Ike Devji with Pro Asset Protection talks Wealth Protection with Matt Davio @misstrade

Steve Ribble @shrinkmytaxes Talks Trader Tax Issues with Matt Davio @misstrade

@ChicagoSean and Matt Davio @misstrade speak Minamalist Trading

Carl Richards of @behaviorGap and Prasada Capital talk Mind over Matter and Art vs Exact Science with Matt Davio @misstrade

Jeff Carter @pointsnfigures and Matt Davio @misstrade talk HFT, Quants, Dark Pools, commodities and Futures

Pick up Quint Tatro’s new book Trade the Trader and you will enjoy it just like we did @misstrade.

Diane Saucier @chicagodiane of Trading Technologies talks Futures, Derivatives, Algo Trading, and Northwestern with Matt Davio @misstrade

Hope everybody isn’t too hung over post the Allan Schoenberg Roast last nite. Sit back and enjoy a few glasses of water and listen to one of the roasters @chicagodiane talk about Trading Technologies today.

Allan Schoenberg @allanschoenberg @cmegroup Talks CME Floor and Upstairs Trading with Matt Davio @misstrade

Brett King @brettking and Matt Davio @misstrade talk Bank 2.0

Greg George @gtiadvisors Talks Due Diligence for PE and M&A Firms with Matt Davio @misstrade

Derek Hernquist @derekhernquist Talks Prop Trading and diversity with Matt Davio @misstrade Part 1

Derek Hernquist @derekhernquist talks Prop Trading and Diversification with Matt Davio @misstrade Part 2

Greg Simmons 11-15-2010 Talks Cash is King, Inflation vs Disinflation

Jeff Carter @pointnfigures Talks Chicago Pit Trading, Politics, HFT, Angel Investing and Social Media with Matt Davio @misstrade

Scott Feher : Your Life and Your Money with Matt Davio @misstrade

David Stendahl @David_Stendahl Talks with Matt Davio @misstrade about Futures, CTAs, Commodities, and Making money with Systems

John Person of National Futures Talks Trading, Time Frames, Pivots, and Contextualization of Markets with Matt Davio @misstrade

Heather McRae @heathermcrae talks LEH and Option Trading and Crew with Matt Davio @misstrade

James D. Robinson @jdrive of RRE Vetures and Matt Davio @misstrade talk Venture Capital Markets and Technology

Brazilian Diamond and Futures Trader Renato Santos @renatrader speaks with Matt Davio @misstrade from the Amazon Jungle of Brazil

Chris Skinner @chris_skinner and I talk, EU, Financial Markets, Fin Reg with Matt Davio @misstrade

Jordan Roy-Byrne Talks Gold/ Silver/ and Fundamentals vs Technicals

Greg Simmons @scopelabs market update with Matt Davio @misstrade 9-7-10

Jason Leavittt @leavittbros talks Stock Trading for a living with Matt Davio @misstrade

Breeders, Goldiggers, and Sluts with Greg Simmons @scopelabs and Matt Davio @misstrade

Greg Simmons Part 1 with @misstrade

Greg Simmons Part 2 with @misstrade

Kevin Depew @kevindepew of Minyanville with @misstrade

Michael Green and Matthew Bishop @mattbish with Matt Davio @misstrade The Road from Ruin How to Revive Capitalism and Put America Back on Top

Kyle Siler PHD Cornell talks how Winning more hands in Poker is equated to Overtrading and losing in Markets with Matt Davio @Misstrade

Vinh Tran Market Upside Down with Matt Davio @ MissTrade

James Altucher @jaltucher talks Chess, Risk, Quants, and Trading with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Jim Gobetz @aiki14 and Matt Davio @Misstrade talk about converging pathways to the Markets

Audrey Hildreth @cginthehouse and I talk Trading, Education, and Lifestyle Choices with Matt Davio @Misstrade

Quint Tatro @Tickerville and I talk Straight about Money Mgmt and Trading with Matt Davio @MissTrade

The Trading Doctor, Dr. Janice Dorn talks Psychology and Markets with Matt Davio @misstrade

Billion Dollar Mistake with Stephen Weiss and Matt Davio @misstrade

Dave Floyd @AspenDave and I talk Traders Evolution and experience with Matt Davio @MissTrade Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Dan Shy @airelon Talks The Holy Grail of Trading, Risk Management with @MissTrade Matt Davio

Gabriel Wisdom on Value Investing and Finding the Fallen Angels with Matt Davio @misstrade

Matthew Ray Scott @matthewrayscott of Stragic Incubator talks Ambition, Knowledge, and Power with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Dennis Parmalee @eminiwizard talks Futures Education and Trading with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Keith McCullough @hedgeye  talks hedge funds, hockey, and Sell Side Research that is Actionable at Hedge Eye with Matt Davio @MissTrade

MissTrade TV- Josh Harris of Infinity Futures talks Trading Futures, and what you should expect from full service Futures Broker with Matt Davio @misstrade

Andrew Warner @mixergy and I talk Failure as an Option to Learn with Matt Davio @misstrade

Josh Belanger @optionsizzle talk Chicago and Options Trading with Matt Davio aka @MIssTrade

Tao Berman World Class Kayaker Talks Water Flow and Great Heights with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Tim Connolly world’s Smallest Hedge Fund, Sconset Capital talks Long and Short with @misstrade Matt Davio

Tim Duy, Economist University of Oregon talks Econometrics and Monetary Policy with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Philip Dunham @pcdunham talks COT Reports and Forex from the Bayou

Anne-Marie B @annemarie2006  Talks Trading with Matt Davio aka @MissTrade

Chris Carey Talks Share Sleuth with Matt Davio aka @MissTrade

Andy Finkle @A_F and Matt Davio aka @misstrade talking investing and markets, with a little Style

Steve Porino @universalsports US ski team former member and  2010 Olympic Games Predictions Part 1 and 2 with Matt Davio @misstrade

Part 1 Porino

Part 2 Porino

Mark Thoma University of Oregon Macro Monetary Theory and Matt Davio @misstrade Talk Economy and Future

Felix Salmon of Reuters talks Financial Blogging, Wine, and Music with Matt Davio @misstrade

S.M. Plokhy Harvard University Professor sits down and talks Yalta: Price of Peace with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Steve Gomez and Andy Lindoff of Today Trader @TodayTrader sit with Matt Davio @MIssTrade and talk Day Trading

Tom Grisafi of Indiana Grain Company @indianagrainco talks Grains, Meats, Metals, Currencies, et al with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Paul Kedrosky of Infectious Greed and Matt Davio @misstrade

Idan Koren of StockTock and Matt Davio @misstrade talk hedge funds and technology

Leigh Jones @copperstl Talks Trading for living with Matt Davio @misstrade

Andrew Ross Sorkin NYT and “Too Big to Fail” talks Markets, Social Media, and Joournalism with Matt Davio @misstrade

Suri Duddella talks Chart Patterns, Stocks, Futures, and Risk with Matt Davio @misstrade

Kevin Hughes of K.M. Hughes & Associates sat down with us to talk Forex trading with Matt Davio @MissTrade

MissTrade TV -Joey Fundora @downtowntrader Interview with Matt Davio @misstrade

MissTrade TV- James Allen Smith, Director of Floored, Full Interview. Hosted by Matt Davio.

Danny “Spyder Crusher” Talks youth and trading and surfing

Curtis Faith Talks Turtle Trading and new book, Trading From the Gut with Matt Davio @MissTrade

Greg Zuckerman of WSJ and The Greatest Trade Ever talks with Matt Davio @misstrade about the Greatest Trade Part 1

Andrew Horowitz talks Disciplined Investing with Matt Davio aka @MIssTRade

Dan Carroll Founder of KaChing Financial Network with Matt Davio aka @MIssTrade

Perry Blacher of Covestor Talks Return on Investments with Matt Davio aka @MIsstrade

Timothy Sykes talks Penny Stocks and Pump and Dumps with Matt Davio aka @MIssTrade

Tim Knight, Slope of Hope with Matt Davio aka @MIsstrade talk Short Selling and Trading

Karl Denninger and Matt Davio aka @MIssTrade solve the World’s Financial Problems

Drew Bledsoe Talks Life After NFL with Matt Davio aka @misstrade

David Aferiat of Trade Ideas @tradeideas talks automated trading and finding Charts to trade with Matt Davio @MIsstrade

Greg Nesbit, CEO and Founder of @mediazoic Talks Music with Matt Davio aka @MIssTrade

Ben Lichtenstein @tradersaudio and Matt Davio aka @misstrade talk Sounds and Moves of the Trading Pits

Dan Passarelli and I talk Options Trading @MissTrade and the Floor Trading

John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman and out soon Hoodwinked (11-10-09) and MissTrade, Matt Davio talk Hitmen @econ_hitman

Larry McMillan @optstrategist talk Skew, VOL, Options Part 1

Larry McMillan @optstrategist and I talk Skew, VOl, and Options Part 2

Fari Hamzai and what, how, when he trades with Matt Davio aka @misstrade

George Ruhana CEO of Options House and Matt Davio aka @MissTrade talk options industry and Trading

Don Miller @millerdon and I discuss Trading Futures, similar styles, Patience is key in all trading.

Sean O’Brien @ex_wirehouse talks Managing Money outside of the large Brokers.

Brian Shannon @alphatrends and I talk Equities and Options Trading on MIssTrade Missives

Dan Robbins @blenderking and I sit down and talk Education and Full Time Trading, Great Stuff Dan!

HOLI HOLI @howardlindzon and I sit down for some one on one, VC, Trading, Investment Chat

Part 1 with Eric Jackson of IronFire Capital

Part 2 with Eric Jackson of IronFire Capital

Chris Nelder @nelderini and Charlie Rich Talk Sustainable Living and Farming and Renewable Energy

Jamie Burbak @thebhbgroup and I talk international Markets, Trading, and Hockey

Dr. Jon Najarian and I sit down to talk Options, the trading pits, and Football

David Buffalo @iron100 and I sat down and talked Stocks, Futures, And Farmland. Great Stuff

2nd Part of Larry McDonald Interview with MissTrade, what was $LEH Trading Desk thinking during the crash?

MissTrade Missive with Fari Hamzei of @hamzeianalytics 9-18-09

Joe Donahue @upsidetrader and I sit down for today’s MIssTrade Missive 9-11-09

Spyder Crusher talks West Coast Trading

Larry McDonald @convertbond of “Colossal Failure of Common Sense” and MissTrade sit down and talk LEH and Leverage 9-4-09

MissTrade Interview with Francine McKenna @retheauditors 8-29-09

MissTrade Interviews Dr. Phil Pearlman @ppearlman of Stocktwits 8-22-09

MIssTrade’s Missives with Adam Warner @agwarner 8-15-09

MissTrade Missives with Jesse Felder @JesseFelder MissTrade Interviews 8-8-09

  1. Steve says:

    Loving the interviews Matt!

  2. JT707 says:

    What a great set of interviews! It’s like after hours gradschool alloveragain. Thanks Matt!

  3. Steve in Bend says:

    These interviews are great Matt!

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